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I needed a tool to add some watermarks to images to prevent copying. So ive made it. The Watermarker.NET application was developed to be a small tool that lets you add watermarks to your images to prevent duplication.
check it, suggest features, i'll implement them if the project will be interesting to people
Download latest release here:
See latest code here:

Main Features:
  • Is extremely small and simple utility
  • Text watermark is highly customizable
  • Can add watermarks to many images at once
  • Its free

Please provide Issues and start discussions if you like the utility. I'll appreciate all the reactions.


Latest changes
• CHANGED: Some namings are changed and changed the save mechanism a bit, also changed the framework version. Now it requires .NET 4 client profile.
Still had no time to work on program's local cache/database(want to use it for converted images, settings library, and so on).

• ADDED: Preview button to see the pending changes on the first picture from the chosen pictures.
• ADDED: Track bars to position watermark on the image. New positions can be seen in preview.

• ADDED: Options to save the settings
• CHANGED: Versioning to native way

Planned to add export/import settings, for now the two buttons don’t work.

• FIXED: some stability fixes
• ADDED: ability to choose any number of pictures and folder to save them after the operation completes

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